YesJulz chooses Streann!

YesJulz chooses Streann!
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YesJulz chooses Streann!


Julieanna Goddard (born March 3, 1990), professionally known as YesJulz, is an American social media personality and internet celebrity with millions of followers.

YesJulz owns 1AM Entertainment. The company was founded in 2016. It is described as an "entertainment company created to bring a memorable, authentic atmosphere to every city unapologetically.


1AM Radio brings together the music and vibes to the Dash Radio platform, along with exclusive interviews with both celebrities & underground talent, to discussions about life, business, creativity and more.

1AM Radio will play anything: from favorite 90's songs, to music that hasn't even been released yet, and everything between. Discussions include topics that concern young creatives as a whole, including their favorite artists and moguls.

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"We met YesJulz few weeks ago, we pitched our value proposition and she said: "where have you been all my life," an immediate understanding of the power of her content vision and our technology. Tired of seeing social media making all the money from her content creation, YesJulz is now going direct to consumer with Streann," commented Captain Streann.