NTV Fund

The NTV Fund was launched in 2018. The NTV Fund follows our overriding fund investment philosophy (see above under “Funds”). While investments in the NTV Fund were not necessarily predicated on achieving a lead or co-lead status, investment pre-requisites included the ability to positively influence revenue and sales growth while raising awareness and focus on achieving solid cost controls and judicious spending.

Ideal companies will have both Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) and/or a Services-based model. A SaaS model provides companies with low-implementation costs, rapid deployment to end users, and scalability. Furthermore, firms that provide additional complementary services or support products to core SaaS offerings are attractive investment options for the Fund due to the revenue diversification that the additional services provide. Services-oriented businesses will deliver based on expertise as well as the ability to identify areas for process optimization, cost savings, and better customer experience.

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