Naples Technology Ventures (NTV) invests in early-stage technology and services companies that exhibit strong value-add in their respective markets. We look for companies in those emergent and/or expanding markets that depend upon evolution and change as part of their survival. For example, technologies in the Financial Services, Media, and Telecom industries are transforming traditional customer delivery and distribution models, and these industries are a breeding ground for many early stage companies.

We also look for investment opportunities in industries such as Healthcare and Insurance that are ripe for optimization and efficiency. Such industries have been slow to change operationally and are characterized by dated legacy infrastructure and ingrained manual processes. As such, they require new technologies to eliminate operational silos, create connected process flows, and drive greater scalability.

Lastly, we aim to invest in companies that provide solutions to regulated industries. Increased regulatory requirements and compliance mandates are requiring firms to improve access to data, transparency, disclosures, and reporting. The cost of non-compliance in such industries including Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Financial, Aerospace, and Defense is driving a need for solutions that efficiently satisfy regulatory mandates. Our goal is to invest in companies that can streamline the regulatory compliance process.

NTV views strong management teams as a prerequisite for any company’s success. We strive to invest in companies led by experienced entrepreneurs who have a history of launching successful businesses. We believe a management team should have a deep understanding of their company finances. Companies should know how to optimally utilize their sales and marketing teams to generate growth. Understanding the inner workings of a business is a universal skill that all strong management teams should possess.

Although we invest in early-stage companies, NTV are not Angel investors. Our engagement will primarily be in the Series Seed and Series A+ rounds.

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