The Country Network Deploys with Streann Media

The Country Network Deploys with Streann Media

The Country Network deploys with Streann Media!

Miami, Fl — January 12th 2021.

The Country Network is an American cable and broadcast television network that specializes in broadcasting country music videos and exclusive original music-based content; its playlist of videos extends from the 1990s through the present day. The network also airs occasional infomercials and traditional advertising.

The Country Network is going full OTT streaming, Direct To Consumer powered by more than 100 tools for Distribution, Engagement and Monetization created by Streann Media.

Why Country Music is Thriving in the Coronavirus Pandemic?

According to Bloomberg, for the last few years, the music industry has only known one direction: up. Global sales have climbed 5 years in a row, buoyed by the rise of streaming services Spotify and Apple Music, while concert ticket sales eclipsed $10 billion, a new high.

The pandemic changed all that. Concerts have been canceled, and music listening has fallen by about 550 million streams a week (3.4%), according to Billboard/MRC Data. The decline has impacted almost every kind of music, with dance, latin and hip-hop/R&B suffering the most.

But two genres have been spared the covid crunch: children’s music and country. Country in particular has thrived. And while growth in kids’ music has subsided as more people return to work, country has only accelerated. 

We closed 2020 with record ARR and most importantly new amazing customers like The Country Network. Today their Apps have been approved in the stores. It's going to be fun watching TCN rise to become the ultimate destination for country lovers, powered by the most Interactive and Innovating OTT streaming technology in the world, yours truly," commented Captain Streann.