Streann Wins Two (2) Awards at NAB 2019!

Streann Wins Two (2) Awards at NAB 2019!

This was by far the best NAB show for Streann Media taking home not one but two awards this year. NAB is the biggest broadcast trade show in the world, the Streann Team had non stop customer meetings and were able to close on pipeline deals driven by the momentum built around the awards.

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Streann unveils three new innovative solutions for monetizing creative content at NAB 2019!

  • Inside-Games is a solution that capitalizes on the trending HQ Trivia app and lets content creators create a similar trivia games to hook their audience.

  • Inside-Polls lets content providers construct real-time polls for their audience, which drives engagement within one's ecosystem without losing traffic by taking an outsider on board.

  • Inside-AR approximates the Pokémon effect. It creates an interactive network with user's camera and the provider. End users can interact with the content in real life, for example through promotion codes.

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"The broadcast media industry voted for Streann, Best Multi-platform of the Year and Innovation Award. These 2 awards are about vision and execution. We thank our investors for believing in us. We thank our customers that choose Streann for their digital transformation journey. We are on a mission to save the media industry, the best part is that we are just getting started," commented Captain Streann.