Streann and CatapultX Partner to Disrupt Programmatic Ads

Streann and CatapultX Partner to Disrupt Programmatic Ads

MIAMI, September X. - Streann Media, the world's most innovative and interactive OTT streaming platform, and CatapultX, creator of the On-Stream™ video monetization and contextual AI platform, joined forces to bring content providers a new way to monetize content through non-intrusive programmatic ads.

“The number one reason why people leave video platforms is irrelevant pre-roll ads. We are thrilled to join forces with CatapultX, as this partnership will bring our content providers the technology they need to take their ad monetization strategy to a whole new level!” commented Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann.

CatapultX’s technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to power contextually relevant and non-interruptive video ads integrated directly within video content. On-Stream maximizes the monetization potential from every video, across every channel. With CatapultX, video promotions do not interrupt the audience experience, giving advertisers AI-powered placements and unskippable formats to deliver brand messages in a privacy-safe way in the moment of highest impact and relevance.

With the technology of both companies, Eurovision is launching new breakthrough features for its new streaming platform, redefining video advertising for live events. Now Streann Media is rolling out this breakthrough innovation to clients and users around the world.