SINBAD goes Direct to Consumer with Streann Media!

SINBAD goes Direct to Consumer with Streann Media!
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SINBAD goes Direct to Consumer with Streann Media! 

Sinbad the actor, comedian and Comedy Central ranked "100 Greatest Standups of All Time" chooses Miami based Streann Media to go direct to consumer during these strange times we live in. 


*I have always been an early adopter, in times likes this we needed to rethink our business model which was all events driven, we choose Streann Media award winning tech for their streaming innovative technology direct to consumers, with pay-per-view options, distribution to social media and Apps on every platform. I like to keep everything I do extra funky,* commented Sinbad.

Streann Media has seen high demand for their streaming OTT platform from many industries: Events, Churches, Brands, Enterprises, Sports, Coaches, Influencers, Schools, Corporate and more.

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For a while people will not go to stand-up comedy events and Streann's platform can be used to address the current new reality. Supporting Live video and on Demand video, Streann assures that content creators can monetize from pay-per-view events, subscription services, advertising models and a direct to consumer strategy.