NBC International signs with Streann Media!

NBC International signs with Streann Media!
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NBC International signs with Streann Media!


This is the best time to be in the content business and Miami start-up company Streann Media knows that. Navigating into a third year in a raw record revenue trajectory, Streann just signed NBC International.

They cannot disclose information about the specifics of their signed agreement however Streann passed a 210 security vendor review process with NBC, making them an official vendor for the large media conglomerate. 


"We are building technologies that people (end-users) want, not what corporate wants. Winning this contract means that we are clearly ahead of the curve and for media companies to win in this very disruptive space, they need technologies that can help them be ahead and closer to end-users while monetizing, and that's what we do best," commented Captain Streann.