Management Research Services (MRS) Raises Series A Funding Investment led by Naples Technology Ventu...

BROOKFIELD, Wisconsin, Sep. 30, 2019 – Management Research Services (MRS), an industry leader in innovative insurance software, announced today the close of a $4 million Series A financing round led by venture capital fund Naples Technology Ventures (NTV) and others. This round of financing will support MRS’s continued development of its decision engine platform and newly launched E-app as well as expand distribution channels and penetrate new market segments.

MRS’s configurable decision engine is changing the way insurance providers can launch new products into the market. Founded in 1988, MRS has been a trusted service provider to the insurance industry for over thirty years. The ability of MRS to leverage its in-depth industry knowledge into cutting-edge software solutions gives MRS a significant advantage over other newly formed InsureTech companies.

This round of financing enables MRS to increase the feature development on their platform, increase data analytic capabilities and offerings and introduce new technologies into the market. This is in addition to enhancing the existing software capabilities and services they use in the market today. The financing also enables MRS to expand its sales, marketing and customer support efforts to better serve their current customers and open up new market segments.

"We are very excited to be partnering with MRS with their extensive experience and maturity in a fast growing InsureTech space." said Mike Abbaei, Managing Partner, NTV. "MRS’s value proposition combined with years of business knowledge, their technology innovation and strong management team, along with a long list of reputable clients made it an ideal candidate for our investment. We are proud to have MRS as part of our portfolio."

"We are excited to have had such a successful launch of our new software platform into the market and to be able to pass along the benefits of its configurability, decision making power and pricing model to our customers," said Tim Dineen, MRS CEO. "We hope that our knowledge of insurance processes, the power of our software and our attractive pricing model will convey to our clients that MRS views each client as a partner, not just an income stream. This round of capital will allow us to continue the expansion of our product offerings, enter into new segments of the insurance market and explore the potential of our software in entirely new verticals. We look forward to continuing to partner with our customers and investors to deliver relevant software products that solve the industry’s largest pain points."

About Management Research Services (MRS)

Management Research Services (MRS) has developed an innovative approach to streamline the formation and maintenance of a rules engine in new business and underwriting processes. The innovative “software as a service” (SaaS) platform – MRS Tech, has at its core, powerful and intuitive self-service functionality to empower the business user, enable agile development and maintenance and dramatically reduce reliance on IT resources. The industry leading rules engine, E-app, call center, external data integration capability, and reporting options along with an experienced integration team makes MRS the perfect solution to support any new business process. MRS Tech has a compelling ‘partnership’ pricing structure with no upfront implementation or set-up costs. For more information, visit

About Naples Technology Ventures (NTV)

Naples Technology Ventures is a Venture Capital Firm that invests in early-stage technology and services companies. NTV looks for companies that show strong value-add and demonstrate being in emergent and/or expanding markets with both Software-As-A Service (SaaS) and/or a Services-based model. These companies are required to be led by experienced entrepreneurs who have a history of leading successful businesses with a strong management team that know how to optimize growth within their respective markets. Although investing in early-stage companies, NTV are not Angel Investors, the engagement will primarily be in the Series Seed and Series A+ rounds. For additional information, visit

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