Costa Rica will enjoy the television of the future thanks to TDMas

Costa Rica will enjoy the television of the future thanks to TDMas

The company relies on Streann Media to provide its users with interactive streaming experiences.

MIAMI, Wednesday, September 8th. - Televisora de Costa Rica, one of the leading media companies in the Americas, announces the re-launch of TDMas, its premium streaming platform that will revolutionize the Costa Rican video market, bring its content to the entire world and will allow new local creators to have their space in the app.
TDMas streaming catalogue will include original content, local series, films and live sports events like the national futbol league (men and women), the CONCACAF qualifiers and of course the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
For innovation, the company has chosen Streann Media technology. Streann's OTT technology will allow TDMas to offer new interaction tools for the end-user, such as user-generated content, personalized content due to the recommendations of shows suggested by analytical data and live streaming polls & trivia games. Finally, TDMas will be able to offer advertisers new digital ads formats like the Inside-Ad invented by Streann for a better return on investment, since audiences can be segmented with highly sophisticated tools.
Costa Rica has a population of over 5 million people that will now enjoy content experiences powered by Streann Media, one of Miami’s top technology companies and global leader in next-generation streaming.
Televisora de Costa Rica has designed its programming so that users can answer surveys and actively participate in the shows. It is a snapshot of the television of the future, and which will be distributed on all digital platforms, such as Roku, App Store, Apple TV, Play Store, Fire TV and Smart TV.
The streaming platform has a low monthly subscription cost ($ 4.99) complemented by a hybrid business model (there will be Pay-per-view events and advertising revenue). In addition to the Costa Rican market for which TDMas has become an essential streaming app, the company expects thousands of international subscribers, as Costa Ricans abroad will have the best way to reconnect with their roots.

“An entire country will enjoy entertainment via Streann’s technology, that's pretty awesome. OTT is the present and the future of the direct-to-end consumer strategy. With more than 150 digital tools, TDMas now has the most interactive and innovative streaming platform in the region, ”said Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann.

About Teletica/TDMas

For over 60 years Televisora de Costa Rica has been a pioneer in sharing audiovisual content for all Costa Ricans.  From a broadcasting TV Channel that is still the country’s favorite to the relatively new sports cable channel TDMas which has become a favorite among the futbol fans, and most recently the successful OTT platform launch. Televisora de Costa Rica has always had in mind the best ways to reach with innovation and premium content all Costa Ricans inside and abroad filling their hearts with joy and pride.


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